ACA Repeal A Bad Prescription for Queen Anne’s County

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Affordable Care Act Repeal

Maryland counties that voted for Trump had highest level
of ACA applications; those applications moved the rate of
uninsured to historic low levels.  The Baltimore Sun
printed, “In Maryland, more than 430,000 people got
coverage this year, according to figures released after
the close of open enrollment Jan. 31.”  (“*Health Exchange
on Pace to Meet, Exceed Enrollment This Year

According to Betsy Charlow, of the Maryland Health Benefit
Exchange (Marketplace), the number of open enrollments for
Queen Anne’s County, from November 1, 2016 to January 31,

Private Qualified Health Plans: 1,237

Medicaid: 1,596
Total: 3,193

These figures represent qualified health plans purchased,
as mandated by the Affordable Care Act, through the
“Marketplace”, Maryland Health Benefit Exchange.

Tell Congress: Taxes on healthcare are unfair and
What about the “age tax”?  According to AARP, “…the State
Age Rating Flexibility Act of 2017 is Washington-speak for
an “age tax” that would charge older Americans, who are
most at risk for job layoffs, as much as five times what
they charge other people for the same coverage.  On
average, adults age 60 and older would have to pay $3,000
more a year for their health care coverage.” *Age Tax Is

Tell Congress: Removing funding for Planned Parenthood is
a mistake.  For some women and their families, Planned
Parenthood is the only healthcare they can access.
*In Queen Anne’s County, the process for an uninsured
woman can take her from Social Services, to the Health
Department, to the MD Health Connection to purchase
*Community Healthcare Centers will not be able to see and
advise the number of patients formerly helped by Planned
*Without the MD Health Connection, women looking for care
will overwhelm the community healthcare centers.

According to the Congressional Budget Office predicted on
Monday  the Republican plan “…would lead to 15 percent of
low-income and rural women losing access to any kind of
family planning services”

“Planned Parenthood swiftly rejected Monday a proposal
by President Donald Trump that would have pledged his
support for federal funding for the women’s health
organization if it ceased providing abortion services.”
How often must it be said: federal dollars are not used
to fund abortions. (J. Diamond, *Planned Parenthood
Rejects Trump Proposal to Stop Abortion

Tell Congress:  How can Congress justify the enormous cost
to government, to hospitals, and doctors by starting over
with new plan?
Fact:  ACA is not folding, as some Congress people would
have you believe. This is a blatant effort to appease
health insurance carriers who will reap the benefit paid
for by the poorest of our society. Guess who will reap the
benefits of the Trump plan?  Insurers, drug companies,
medical device makers and the executives running these

Did you know that “There are now more than 50 Republicans
skeptical of the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill,” The
Washington Post, March 14, 2017

What about “pre-existing conditions? Pre-existing
conditions appear to be untouched…, but a closer look
shows that “continuous coverage” is required for patients
with pre-existing conditions! If a patient goes 63 days
continuously without coverage, a 30 percent premium
penalty would be applied to renew.

Plainly put, the continuous coverage stipulation is not
the same as requiring health insurance companies to cover
individuals with pre-existing conditions, as the
Affordable Care Act currently does. Instead, those with
pre-existing conditions who are struggling financially,
with part-time work, and no employer-provided insurance,
will be charged 30% additional if they miss two months of
If the Affordable Care Act is repealed, the state could
stand to lose up to $1.2 billion of federal funding for
Medicaid and up to $200 million for other related
services, according to David Romans, fiscal and policy
analysis deputy director for the Maryland Department of
Legislative Services.
Please email or call to voice your concerns to:
Senator Ben Cardin, 509 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510    (202) 224-4524
Remind Senator Cardin of your support.

Senator Chris Van Hollen, 110 Hart Senate Office Building,
Washington, DC 20510  (202) 224-4654
Remind Senator Van Hollen of your support.

Congressman Andy Harris, 1533 Longworth HOB, Washington,
DC 20515  (202) 225-5311
Tell Congressman Harris you will not support him or his

Most importantly remind Governor Hogan that the Trump Plan
jeopardizes $2.3 billion in Medicare and Medicaid payments
to Maryland hospitals per year.    He must lobby national
Republicans to protect Medicaid.
No more hiding Mr. Governor!
100 State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland 21401-1925      or
410-974-3901  1-800-811-8336

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