Support local education and demand our commissioners fund library expansion

Your vocal presence is of the utmost importance to let our County Commissioners know they must include matching funds in their budget for the expansion of the Kent Island Branch of our library.


Until  last year Queen Anne’s County was one of only two Maryland counties that had never applied for State library capital development funds.


 (Sidebar:  Why didn’t our local elected State representatives recommend this option to the Commission?)


Our County was finally awarded a $325,000 matching grant from the State to begin the studies and it is included in Maryland’s 2017 budget.  Why did the County Commissioners leave out $325,000 to match the State’s grant thereby allowing the State funds to expire this summer?


Your Democratic Club is requesting you to appear at any budget hearing this week as follows:


Each hearing begins at 7 p.m. as follows:


Monday, April 24 – Bayside Elementary School, 301 Church Street, Stevensville

Tuesday, April 25 – Constant Yield – Liberty Building

Wednesday, April 26 – Sudlersville Middle School, 600 Charles Street, Sudlersville


Upon arrival at any location, sign in to speak and ask for these funds to be included for the betterment of our quality of life.   That’s it.   You can read below the library’s comments and use it to form your comments.  Please do not be intimidated as this is your local responsibility to let our elected officials your displeasure in their actions.


If you think the Kent Island Library does not affect you consider the following:  communities such as Queenstown, Kingstown, Crumpton, Church Hill, Queen Anne, Millington, Pondtown, Sudlersville, Barclay, Templeville, Ruthsburg, etc,  rely on libraries in Chestertown and Centreville.  About 2,300+ QAC upper county households (4,000+ voters) have zip code and post office service from Chestertown even though they are QAC residents.  Both libraries, Centreville in particular, will probably be up for facelifts or expansion in a few years.


By showing a large turnout at any meeting location in support of this matching grant proposal you force the Commission to realize citizens are aware of their actions and that we support all libraries.  The message for these meetings is a voter headcount showing people do care about libraries for many reasons.  Consider the lack of meeting locations in our County.


You may have been inconvenienced when trying to reserve a library meeting room for your group and understand our library branches are outgrowing citizens’ needs. Many groups use libraries on a regular basis, such as youth education, adult lecture series! scouts, garden clubs, professional and others. (Information shared by others.)


If you are not available to appear at any of the three locations, please write to the Commissioners by email or letter and use any part of the above comments.


Go to for further contact information.


Email your questions to Dorotheann S. Sadusky,

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