The Mueller Report – Read it, hear it. Be informed.

The Mueller Report was released in April. You can read it online, buy it in paperback and even watch Democratic House Members read it aloud. We’ve collated some online resources to help you learn more and stay informed.

The Full Report

House Democrats read the entire redacted Mueller report aloud

Full Text of the Mueller Report’s Executive Summaries

Take it a day at a time on Twitter: One thought a day from the report by the Office of the Special Counsel.

14 Must-Read Moments From the Mueller ReportThe Atlantic

The Justice Department has released the Mueller report. Here’s how to read

Highlights From The Mueller Report, AnnotatedNPR

4 Disturbing Details You May Have Missed in the Mueller ReportThe New York Times

The Truth About Trump Collusion and Obstruction in the Mueller Report [Video] – NowThis


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