Phone Banking + Designated Tuesdays = Turning QAC Blue Campaign

QAC is launching a new phone banking campaign “QA Dems GOTV Tuesdays” in coordination with our state party’s efforts. Consistent voter outreach is the only way we are going to turn the tide in QAC.  Phone banking Tuesdays will be a designated club day to make these calls, but calls can be made anytime between 11-8 daily. We need everyone to participate to enable QAC Dems to reach its 250 calls per week goal. We easily achieve this goal if 10 Dems make 25 weekly calls, 25 Dems make 10 weekly calls, 50 Dems make 5 weekly calls. If we reach our monthly goal of 1,000 total calls, the Club will recognize the top caller each month beginning in July with a restaurant gift card or donation to a favorite charity.

So let’s get started now by going to
and use the provided script to make your calls.

Justin Butler from our state party also holds Zoom training every Monday evening here .

Contact Justin at or Crystal Woodward at

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