We need you. Volunteer!

March for Our Lives

We look forward to seeing you at the voting polls and at our meetings, but we can also benefit from your skills and passion to help operate our local Democratic Club. Everyone is invited to the table. Here are some committees that have formed around specific tasks. To volunteer or for more information please contact Dorotheann Sadusky: montage@atlanticbb.net or (410) 490-0361.

Campaign Support & Outreach: Dave Ladd
This committee provides support for candidates during their campaigns and reaches voters through direct contact.  Activities include training of volunteers, transportation to polls, etc. Fundraising supports political sponsorship, the club’s operating costs and charity outreach.

Fundraising: Need volunteer

Unity Rally: Bonnie Nelson

This committee is task-specific and works to maintain the Club’s website, social media, newsletter, and press releases. etc.

Calendar of events (Need volunteer)

Digital Communications: Newsletter, events and action notices and meeting announcements. Volunteers include: Nan Ciandella

Meeting speakers: Dorotheann Sadusky

Publicity/Press Releases: Marion Grier

Social Media: (volunteers needed)

Website: Gayle Jayne

Other communication committee support volunteers: Carol D’Agostino, Bonnie Nelson, Jim Parker, and Margaret Tessier.

Hello Queen Anne County: Margaret Tessier
The goal for this committee is to reach out to the charitable community organizations. The committee makes our presence known and bolsters our public image through community and charitable activities, i.e. monthly meeting donations for charity.

Membership: Need Volunteer
This committee maintains membership lists, collects dues and advocates for the Victory Fund.

Social and Community: Bonnie Nelson
This committee creates and encourages small social gatherings at local establishments (Happy Hours) and with neighborhood and/or circles of friends to promote opportunities for discussion and networking.

Christmas Party – Bonnie Nelson

4H Fair  – John Stiers & Dave Ladd

Parades – John Stires & Dave Ladd

Family Picnic –  Lucy Marks, Elaine McNeil and Dorotheann Sadusky